Creating a Warm Chain of Support for breastfeeding mothers –  International Breastfeeding Week update

World Breastfeeding Week went with a bang and kept our team at toes. The 7 days of World Breastfeeding week (1 – 7 August) have been very focussed and in line with the International theme of “Breastfeeding: Foundation for life”. The FMCH team participated with great enthusiasm and made sure that they were able to reach maximum members of community through rallies, nukkad nataks, awareness sessions, support group meetings and various other field events. Their efforts reached in all to 3000 people.

Since the major decision-making power in Indian families is mostly limited in the hands of a husband in a nuclear family and with elders of the house in joint families. Several events focused on engaging with grandmothers and fathers and sensitize them for importance of breastfeeding for not only for mother and child but for society at large also. Fathers and Grandmothers shared that they had never thought how a breastfeeding child can break the cycle of poverty for family. The community organsier’s motivated fathers and grandmothers on how can they support breastfeeding mothers not only in family but in their neighbourhood and community also, thereby creating a warm chain of support for breastfeeding mothers. This was not only limited to fathers and grandmothers but also shared with support group mothers.

The efforts of team resulted in World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action recognizing efforts of FMCH and awarding us with certifications.

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Laying the seeds for healthy roots for a nourished tomorrow, Urban Nutrition Initiative Exits

The Urban Nutrition Initiative (UNI) has been designed to ensure prevention and early detection of malnutrition in ten ‘high-burden’ urban locations of Maharashtra. Led by the Rajmata Jijau Nutrition Mission, this is an initiative implemented in partnership with NGOs and the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme.This project aims at implementing ten essential nutrition interventions through the First 1000 Days’ approach as per WHO and UNICEF recommendations. FMCH has undertaken this initiative in order to achieve key organizational goes of sustainability and scale. The initiative provides an opportunity not only to reach an underserved population, but also, for FMCH to share its knowledge and approach with government workers in the hope that its best practices will be taken up by the government for long-term change. FMCH has been implementing the program in Nizampur area of Bhiwandi, Thane district catering 140 AWC’s for over three years. The key program activities includes Home visits, growth monitoring, Mata Melavas, nutrition demonstrations in nutrition course, Pregnancy club, mothers’ groups meetings, community events etc. The program has so far impaced the lives of 3689 children (0-2 years) and 2330 pregnant women and lactating mothers. Within the three years of UNI 106 mother support groups have been created.

Snapshot Of Urban Nutrition Initative


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Priyanka Athavale : My FMCH Story

In Mumbai, waking up to the sweltering Mumbai heat and sound of pigeons chirping and religious bells in a local temple was a familiar morning for many. As a brief visitor, for just 9 months, I quickly became accustomed to taking the local trains to and from Mahalaxmi, where I was working closely with the FMCH team.

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