Shivaji Chinchkar

Shivaji Chinchkar

Shivaji is a Program Head at FMCH. Before joining FMCH, he was associated with Fortify Health, STIR Education, Naandi Foundation, and Kaivalya Education Foundation, where he has managed programs, implementations, system diagnostic studies, government partnerships, program design, and strategic operation verticals. And, during this assignments, he was closely associated with health, tribal ministries, and the education department in Delhi, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu. He was also a Gandhi Fellow (2012-14) at Kaivalya Education Foundation in Gujrat and worked with five government schools and communities.

His interest lies with evidence-based interventions, community development, government partnerships, and policy interventions.

He holds a degree in Social Sciences from CSRD- Institute of Social Work and Research with academic achievement of clearing UGC, NET, and currently pursuing a Ph.D. from TISS, Mumbai in Early Grade Education.

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Iram Ansari

Iram joined the FMCH-CNI team in 2015 and hoped that through this organisation she can broaden her knowledge on malnutrition and provide others with the same information.

“What I like about this program is that I’ve gained so much knowledge and everyone is very helpful. Even if you don’t understand something, everyone will explain kindly and sweetly. I enjoy talking to others, answering they’re questions, and hearing the stories they share with us. They respect us.”

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Usha Pandit

Usha joined the FMCH-CNI team in May 2015. She has experience delivering healthcare and providing vaccine injections to communities in Bhiwandi. She joined our organisation in hopes of learning and working in a different sector of healthcare.

“Before this program, malnutrition was all new for me, so I learned a lot. I like convincing people to come to our programs and providing them information. Because of us, they know about malnutrition and about our program. Sarita Madam and Kiran Thorat gave us so much information and because of them we have moving forward.”

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Nanda Goregaokar

Nanda joined FMCH in 2012 as nutrition assistant for our program and with her knowledge in nutrition and experience in the community she was promoted to field officer in 2015.

“FMCH is a small NGO but our work has a big impact”

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Roobina Shaikh

Roobina has recently joined the FMCH team and has prior work experience in teaching. Roobina joined our team in hopes of gaining more experience in social work and helping the community.

“I like how FMCH works with pregnant women and children and I also enjoy being part of the unique activities such as pregnancy club, nutrition course, and Achha Baccha.”

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Sharad Thakare

Sharad has a Master’s degree in Social Work, with over 13 years of experience in child rights, education, health and nutrition. He joined FMCH in 2016 at Bhiwandi supervising overall programme implementation, reporting, organising training and largescale community engagement events.

He has capacity to work creatively, constructively and effectively with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities to address individual and social problems. The qualities that make an effective social worker.

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Shubhangi Bhoite

Shubhangi’s background is Social Work. She brings 8 years experience in addressing maternal and newborn health. She joined the FMCH team in 2016 wanting to specifically focus on the issue of malnutrition and working with SAM and MAM children.

“The work is very effective because we work with the community at the grass root level. FMCH doesn’t just do the usual clinic work like give supplements, but also provides education and counselling. Not a lot of organisation teaches practical things like a practical nutrition course, ‘Achha Baccha’ sessions.”

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