The Foundation for Mother and Child Health (FMCH) began in 2006 as a grassroots organization focused on mothers and children in a slum redevelopment building in South Mumbai.

By 2011, FMCH remained small with little scope for expansion. A pro bono Managing Committee and a capacity building NGO teamed to a revise the mission and vision, analyze community need and develop two key verticals to best deliver services to mothers and children in vulnerable communities. Both verticals were part of FMCH’s innovative First 1000 Days Program for children from conception to two years of her age.

The first vertical, Critical Care, focuses on the most severely malnourished and at-risk babies providing 1:1 doctor visits, supplemental food and an outpatient clinic at Wadia’s Children’s Hospital. The 2nd vertical, Community Engagement, focuses on education and support for mother and child nutrition, healthy pregnancy, breast feeding, weaning and child development. This vertical includes, pregnancy club, drop-in breast-feeding centers, child development classes, cooking/nutritional workshops and general community involvement. The FMCH model and its programs were developed to be scalable and replicable with sound M&E practices in place.

Between 2010 and 2013, FMCH expanded into other communities in Mumbai. It also maintained a strong and dynamic strategic plan that allowed for focused growth and funding.

In 2014, FMCH developed a third vertical: Training. Based on the success of the training of a rural NGO, FMCH was funded to start a training center where NGOs, schools and medical professionals could be educated in the full FMCH model or individual programs. This vertical is a vehicle for scale at minimum cost.

Following the strategic plan goal for sustainability and community empowerment, in 2015, FMCH engaged with Rajmata Jijau Nutrition Mission of Maharashtra to introduce the First 1000 Days Program into existing government programs in the areas with high burden of under-nutrition of urban Maharashtra as well as to bring recommendations for long term policy change.

Also, in 2015, the CEO position was created and the Managing Committee was disbanded and replaced with a Board of Directors comprised of Trustees and an Advisory Group.

Today, still governed by a dynamic strategic plan, strong management and Board of Directors, FMCH continues to be the leader in Mother and Child Health and Nutrition in Mumbai and is positioned to make a real paradigm change in the health and nutrition of women and children in India.

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